Sep 19, 2011

Bhardwaj Foundation works in the field of social service by conducting programs on awareness regarding the situation of women, child and other disadvantage sections of society for the benefit of society .we create awareness among youth, women, children, backward class people, farmers and agricultural laborers for upliftment of  scheduled caste and schedules tribes and rural development through programs on awareness building , development agricultural extension and appropriate technologies, adult and non -formal education , primary health care and family welfare, preservation of environment and sports.
  • We work for upliftment and liberation of landless, women and child labor.
  • We work for the handicapped and mentally retarded children
  • To starts homes for beggars, old aged people, destitute women, bonded laborers and children.
  • We work for better future of women and children.
  • We promote the struggle against child marriage, dowry system, dowry death and will encourage inter caste marriage, mass marriage and widow remarriage.
  • We shall establish library, hostels, students home, schools, child and maternity welfare, youth clubs and will carry out adult education and child welfare program.
Bhardwaj Foundation has keen interest in various activities of Education, Literature, Photographic and all forms of fine arts. Educational programs include various activities related to the development of skills of women and children. We also organize regularly health check-ups for women, children and senior citizens living. We also start training in various fields for women.

H.O.-Pandav Nagar, Delh92 

Jan 8, 2011

Bhardwaj Foundation

Bhardwaj Foundation is promised to help for poor and under income people of society and in future work for human development.Bhardwaj Foundation is a non – profitable organization established Dec 2010, with an aim to work for the disadvantage, deprived, section of the society. The main objective of the organization is to help people in reducing poverty and improves the quality of life in rural India. Its goal is to empower individuals and communities to take care of themselves, and eventually help them become self-sufficient. It works For People Since 2006.We organized free health Check-Up Camps many times.We also distributes medicines at this Camp.